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Following the success of the film by Irish writer/director Peter Foott, 'The Young Offenders' TV Series recently premiered on BBC3 and will follow on RTÉ2.  Like the film, the series follows the adventures of lovable rogues Conor & Jock and their escapades in Cork.  Planet of Sound are the music supervisors for both the TV Series and the film.



Belly of the Whale 2.jpg

The Belly of the Whale follows two down-and-outs bonded together in misfortune devise a plan to rob a small town amusement arcade. Planet of Sound served as music supervisors for this project.

Failte Ireland

Failte Ireland's "Bedtime Stories" campaign was launched in June 2016 to promote 'Ireland's Ancient East'.  The ad features a young boy and his magical journey through stories about the longevity and richness of Ireland's Ancient East.  The ad features the song "That Day" by Villagers, an Irish band and winners of the 2016 Ivor Novello award for Best Album.  Planet of Sound music supervised this ad for Rothco.

Queen of Ireland

The Queen of Ireland is an independent documentary which focuses on the life of renowned drag queen Panti Bliss (aka Rory O'Neill).  The film follows Panti's journey from her small hometown in the West of Ireland through striding the world-stage and being instrumental in the recent success of the marriage equality referendum in Ireland.  Planet of Sound provided Music Supervision and Licensing for the production.

White Girl Movie

We provided clearance consultant services for the 2016 independent feature film 'White Girl', researching song ownership and obtaining/negotiating license fees for various songs.

Whale Wars Our Work

Whale Wars follows the Sea Shepard Society and their mission to save the whales in the Arctic Ocean.  We worked as consultants for the show theme and secured rights for theme use of the powerful and intense "Bullet with Butterfly Wings' by Smashing Pumpkins for all seven seasons of the series.

The Ride Our Work

The Ride is an interactive theatrical production like no other!  The audience is invited to board a specially designed state of the art, stadium seating bus is covered with glass on the ceiling and side so that the audience can take in the full scale of this event.  The Ride whisks the audience around New York City where they interact with the city, it's people and the performers.  Planet of Sound was an integral part of the musical development, overseeing music production and song creation (with the Blue Man version of the show) and as a music consultant on the final Counts Media production.

Animal Planet logo

Planet of Sound has worked as a Music Consultant for Animal Planet on various network branding campaigns and ID promos.  Their 2014 Branding campaign featured the song "Black Skinhead" by Kanye West and various pod busting spots for the network.

Man vs. the Universe

Man vs. the Universe is a three part series for Science Channel that looks into the latest technologies and advancements being developed by NASA and private business to bring space exploration into a new golden age.  The song "Outro" by M83 was used in the promo to launch the series.

Note by Note

Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037 is a love letter to the care and skill that goes into producing just one Steinway piano. Director Ben Niles follows the intense process, from picking out the trees to make the piano through to finished product.  We worked to secure rights for songs in the production.

Bitchin Rides

Bitchin' Rides follows Dave Kindig, owner/operator of Kindig-It Designs.  Dave turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding and successful clients.  Planet of Sound secured rights to use the track "Bright Lights" by Gary Clark Jr. as part of the Season 2 series launch.

River Monsters

Jeremy Wade of River Monsters takes viewers along as he unravels freshwater fish tales of giant killers where sometimes the fact really is stranger than fiction!  These voyages have taken him far and wide across the globe on an endless search for man-eating creatures.  "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning" by Smashing Pumpkins was used for the Season 5 series promo and "Animus Vox" by The Glitch Mob was used for the Season 6 series promo.

Making It Big

Making it Big was a reality program for the Oxygen Network that followed various creatives trying to make their mark in the advertising industry.  As music director for the Oxygen Network, Dina was instrumental in securing "Big Time" by Peter Gabriel as the show's theme music.

A Tale of Two Wives

A Tale of Two Wives was the first original feature movie for the Oxygen Network, a co-production with Working Title Films.  Dina served as Music Supervisor for the film which featured music from Macy Gray, Joan Osborne and Adam Schlesinger.


Mermaids (The Body Found and The New Evidence) was an original fiction program for Animal Planet that focused on a group of scientist who discover a mermaid on a beach and the documentation to prove the evidence credible.  The programs feature music from The Kronos Quartet, Moby, John Murphy and Sickoakes.

Redemption Song

Redemption Song was a reality program for the Fuse Network which featured various female musicians living together and vying for the opportunity to make it big in the music industry.  In the end, the last artist standing received a recording contract with a major label.  Planet of Sound was instrumental in both Music Supervision and Licensing on the series.

Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber

Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber was an original film for the Oxygen Network, music supervised by Dina Coughlan

Fight Girls

Fight Girls was a reality series for the Oxygen Network following a group of ten women who live together and train with a Muy Thai instructor to ultimately compete in Thailand.  Dina was instrumental in finding and securing the song "Fingerprints" by (at the time) up and coming artist Katy Perry.

Inside the Dragon's Lair

Inside the Dragon's Lair follows cameraman Didier Noirot and environmental photographerRoger Horrocks into the deep papyrus caves of Botswana's Okavango Delta.  Their goal is to get up close with one of nature's most fearsome predators: the Nile Crocodile.  The Eels "Fresh Blood" was used as both theme for this Animal Planet special and within the program.